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The President Who Dared to Dream



The year is 1936 and a young couple , Naoichi and Mutsue Fujimori stepped out of the "Bokuyo Maru" to begin a new life in Peru.Little did they dream that together, they would produce a son, Alberto, who would one day become president .

"Politics and politicians are only for the rich, the educated and the elite," they said "not for humble Japanese immigrant peasants&ldots;" But for once, their son would show them that they were wrong&ldots;

Against all odds, Alberto Fujimori became the star that shone out of the minority Japanese immigrant community and the working class of Peru. He gave to the Peruvian masses new aspirations and hope for a future they never had before.

This book looks at the early life of hardship and the phenomenol academic and political success of Peru's most controversial and unique president, a man who will never accept defeat or compromise his goals for Peru, whatever the cost.

He has sacrificed popularity and the approval of the international community to do what he had to do ,enact the harsh laws neccessary to flush out of Peru the terrorism which controlled 40% of his country and terrorised his people with bloodshed and violence for over 12 years. He has lived up to his words that "I rule for National interest and not for popularity" and "I am not a suit and tie president" as he continues to work alongside the poor and the forgotten in their shanty towns and remote villages. He is at home with them for he is one of them. Alberto's own working class immigrant background is a guarantee that he understands the Peruvian masses,their needs and their aspirations and that he will never leave them as they were left by years of conservative elite rule in Peru.

By sheer determination, hard work and a strength of character that belies his mild, scholarly appearance, Alberto Fujimori has successfully rid his country of the scourge of terrorism so bad that Peruvians could not walk in the streets without fear just a few short years ago. He has also turned around his country's crippled economy and today, Peru has been reinstated in the international financial community The president had every reason to be proud when in 1997, Peru was admitted as a member of APEC. It was an event that he could only dream of in 1990 when he took over the presidency.

Alberto Fujimori has confounded many who do not know what to make of him. He is unique, the son of poor Japanese immigrants and a community which forms only 1 % of a country of 22 million people, how, they ask , did he become the president of Peru? And having done that, how did he bring a tribe of violent terrorists with a mission to kill, to their knees? How,too, did he revive a country's ravaged economy to its present healthy growth?

Alberto Fujimori has been called the "Fujimori enigma", the Fujimori phenomenon", the "man from nowhere" by baffled analysts. But really, how did one man from nowhere wrench Peru back from its political, social and economic evils and put it back on its feet?

This is the compelling story of Alberto Fujimori. He is a special person, a Latin American leader and the son of Japanese immigrants, Alberto is the link between two cultures and from the blood of that link which flows in his veins, he has reaped the best and created the "Peruvian miracle". Because of him, millions of forgotten people in Peru for whom there will never be a suit and tie, have a future again.What was a dream for President Alberto Fujimori when he became president of politically, socially and economically ravaged Peru in 1990 has become a reality. He is indeed "The President Who Dared to Dream."

English version can be ordered from;

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Spanish version is available online from;

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