Discovering Madam Butterfly Print
Monday, 15 July 2019 12:49

I have finally finished my latest book "Discovering Madam Butterfly" and this is the synopsis!


When the final encore is done and the curtain falls another night on the lone figure of Puccini’s famous Madame Butterfly, does anyone wonder about the “backstage” life of Cho cho san, the beautiful geisha of Nagasaki who inspired this famous play?
Who actually WAS Madame Butterfly? This has mystified many people the world over as they watch again and again Puccini’s captivating opera “Madame Butterfly.” Speculations abound but no one has really pinned her down. Perhaps her life is laid bare and captured in this book…..
One lazy Sunday afternoon, as Mitsue watched his daughter dance around the stone sculptures in the garden, a beautiful bright yellow butterfly flew by and settled on Mika’s hair, like a ribbon.
“Look at me, Father,” the child screamed. “I have become Cho cho, a butterfly!”
“And Cho Cho you shall be,” Mitsue declared solemnly that beautiful spring day with the sakura tree just about to burst into bloom. Little did he dream that someday this nickname so flippantly given would transform into Cho cho san and become famous beyond anyone’s imagination in a world far away from Nagasaki that none of them would ever know.
This is the dramatic and yet poignant story of that backstage life which started and ended in Nagasaki. We live Cho cho san’s life from a tea house hostess who morphed into the most beautiful and elegant geisha of Maruyama Lane and caught the eye of an American naval officer Benjamin Pinkerton.
Were they ever married? And what happened to Cho cho after Pinkerton left her to return to America? And what of the son Ken Pinkerton she bore him?
Decades later, a newly arrived kind hearted Midwest American woman who had never faced a day of complicated situations in her life thus far listened to the story of Cho Cho san, mesmerized.
“Oh my,” Lucy Sinclair sobbed. “What a story! That poor Butterfly woman, duped into what she believed was a marriage to this American guy, Benjamin Pinkerton, later dumped by him and as a grand finale, had her son taken away from her. And she waited for him and her son all these years!”
“Do you know, it’s such a bizarre and intriguing story steeped in femme fatale, someone should do a play about it,” she added lightening up after a while.
Almost a century later, someone did and Puccini’s world renowned opera “Madame Butterfly” was born....

I have signed with Mehta Publishing House for a Marathi version which I hope will be released by early next year. Recently  Lazi Könyvkiadó Kft. Publishing of Hungary signed a contract for a Hungarian version to be released next year. .